US Lighting Corp. is a wholesaler and distributor of indoor tanning equipment, lamps, lotions, and accessories. We sell all types of compatible tanning lamps made by Light sources-based in CT. We also carry a full line of indoor tanning lotions. We stock such brands as Supre, Tan Inc., Tan AszU, Devoted Creations, Ed Hardy, Pro Tan, Fiesta Sun, and Playboy. We have 30 years in the tanning industry. We pride ourselves on taking the extra time to offer the exact tanning lamp for all of the various levels of tanning. We have set up our online store to provide the very best prices on lotions. However, on certain BOGO and/or Bonus Promos, we are limited to what the online store will offer due to programming limitations. If you need help to order lotions, please give us a call on our Toll-Free number. We can offer more flexibility on ordering lotions, but our prices will be a little different than on our online store. We stock over 100+ different tanning lamps and high-pressure lamps. Please use our online store as a reference on tanning/high-pressure tanning lamps. We would prefer for you to give us a call to go over the lamps you need given the numerous configurations, compatibility issues, and shipping arrangements available.