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Product Description

Beach Ready Bronzing Cocktail • Skin Quenching Sunkissed Starfruit & Vitamin C Vibes • Infused with Electrolyte Enhanced Coconut Water

If you lust for a coastal cocktail, poolside paradise, or just sunshine on the shore… then look no further than Ride or Tide™! Whether you’re spending time at the beach or the boardwalk or going from the salon to the shore, this island-infused bronzer is formulated for use anywhere you are scoring some sunshine! Skin quenching sunkissed starfruit and mango extracts will power pack the skin with antioxidant-rich nutrients, while electrolyte-enhanced coconut water will ensure your skin is left beach ready bronzed! Vitamin C vibes and waves of skin-happy hydrators allow for vacation-ready results! If what you desire is a sea of darkness, Ride or Tide™ is your key to color!

PRODUCT ACTIONS: Tanning Lotion, DHA Bronzer

Weight 1 oz