These Terms & Conditions apply to: Online Orders, Telephone Orders, Email Orders and/or in store pickup orders. In the event a product is returned for any reason, customer is responsible for shipping and handling cost (both ways). There is a 20% restocking fee for all items that are returned (this does not include any shipping and/or insurance/handling fees). Some items can not be returned such as items that have been used except for defect or damage in transit. No returns after 30 days from purchase, no exceptions. This does not apply to tanning lamps, and/or equipment. Standard Terms and Conditions: 1. Customer must verify the tanning lamps that have been ordered, are the correct length, wattage, UVB%, reflector or non reflector and are F.D.A. compatible before the tanning lamps are installed. If the customer installs the tanning lamp in the the wrong socket/application, USLC will not be held responsible for any credits and/or refunds and the tanning lamps can not be returned for any reason. No exceptions. 2. Customer is responsible for any and all disposal fees on tanning lamps. 3. No Lights: Any tanning lamp that does not light in the correct socket/application when lamps are installed. Customer must notify USLC within 10 business days from receipt. Credit and/or refunds will be issued. In certain instances, the tanning lamp manufacturer may request no lights be sent back for testing. Do not throw away any no lights until instructed by USLC. No exceptions. 4. Premature Burnouts: Any tanning lamp that lights but burns out after 10 days from receipt provided the tanning lamp was installed in the correct socket/application. Credit and/or refunds will be issued. In certain instances, the tanning lamp manufacturer may request premature burn outs be sent back for testing. Do not throw any premature burn outs until instructed by USLC. No exceptions. 5. Ground Fed Ex, Ground UPS, Ground USPS Damages: Any order shipped out Ground UPS/Ground Fed Ex/Ground USPS and that is damaged; follow these instructions:(1)Accept the entire shipment. (2)Give USLC a call toll free @ (800) 325-4294–immediately while the driver is there to report the damage. (3)Open up box: (a) give us count on how items are broken and/or damaged. (b) Take pictures of the shipping label. (c) Take pictures of the damaged merchandise. (d) Email USLC pictures @ SALES@USLIGHTINGCORP.COM. (4) The shipping box, inside box, packaging materials, damaged merchandise, everything must be retained for an onsite inspection, which could take up to 4 weeks. Do not throw anything until the onsite inspection is complete and USLC tells your business that is okay to dispose of the damage. (6) If for any reason the damaged contents are thrown away prior to the onsite inspection, your business will not be reimbursed for the damaged product. As soon as the onsite is complete, we will replace and re-ship the merchandise. In certain circumstances, additional information maybe need to supplement the claim. Unreported Ground UPS/Ground Fed Ex/Ground USPS damages after 72 hours from receipt are customers’ responsibility to file the claim with Ground UPS/Ground Fed Ex/Ground USPS. No exceptions. Ground UPS/Ground Fed Ex, Ground USPS, the driver will deliver your merchandise inside of your building. 6. Semi Damages: Any order shipped out Semi (18 wheeler) and that is damaged, USLC needs to called toll free @ (800) 325-4294 immediately while the driver is there. The exact damage must be noted on the delivery receipt. A picture must be taken of the damaged merchandise and emailed to: sales@uslightingcorp.com. The damaged merchandise and packaging must be retained for at least ten (10)weeks for possible freight inspection. Do not throw away any merchandise and/or packaging until USLC and/or the Semi Company instructs otherwise. Any damage that is noted, USLC will replace merchandise at no expense to the customer, provided these guidelines are followed. If no damage is noted, there is nothing that can be done. In certain circumstances, additional information maybe needed to supplement the claim. For all concealed damages, the customer is responsible for filing the claim with the Semi Company, and is bound by the Semi Company’s determination. No exceptions. On Semi deliveries, you, the customer, are responsible for unloading and carrying in the merchandise from the semi. If you, the customer, tell the semi driver, to deliver the merchandise inside of your building, the semi company will charge you for this service: inside delivery and/or lift gate service. In addition, if the Semi Company determines that your delivery location is limited access, you will be responsible for those charges. If your salon requests a special delivery day and time, you will be responsible for that charge. a No exceptions.Please note that any special services not approved in advance (lift-gate, inside delivery, etc.) signed for by you or your staff will cost heavy additional fees and will be billed to your account after delivery. To prevent this, please be sure to review all details and ask if you have any questions. 7. Shortages: USLC takes great pride in making sure the tanning order is shipped 100% complete, on the rare occasion where there is a shortage;the customer must notify USLC within 72 hours from receipt. USLC will issue either a credit/refund or send the replacement on the next order. No exceptions. 8. Returns: USLC will accept tanning lamp/lotion returns, provided the following gudielines are met. Please give us a call to get a Return Authorization (RMA), this RMS must be noted on the box(s). Customer is responsible for return shipping charges to our warehouse. All products must be in the original packaging, and USLC does not take back any products that have been used and/or damaged in any way. USLC will only give credit and/or refund for the exact quantity of products returned. Customer can specify for a credit and/or refund. USLC will not refund the original shipping charges on the initial order. Customer can apply this credit and/or refund on the correct products needed. Customer is responsible for return shipping charges. Timers:T-Max timers 1.All sales final on T-Max timers. 2.There are no returns on T-Max timers. 9. Duplicate Orders: In the event of a duplicate order placed with USLC (exact same products ordered on separate invoices/orders),it is the customers responsibility to call USLC before the order is shipped. If the customer calls before the order is shipped, USLC will refund the one of the duplicate orders in full. However, if the customer does not call USLC before the order is shipped, the customer is responsible for returning the merchandise at their expense to USLC. Upon receiving the merchandise back, USLC will refund the one of the duplicate orders, less the initial shipping costs. 10. Warranty Issues: In the event a customer is unhappy with a product, USLC must be notified within 10 days from receiving the order. USLC will instruct customer to send a product sampling back to the manufacturer for their testing and evaluation. The manufacturer will analyze and give their report. All manufacturers findings and rulings are final. 11. 100% customer cooperation is needed in all and any issues. Not cooperating in a timely manner, will only delay and in some instances, result in failure to resolve any and all issues. The customer has waived the right to chargeback for any reason. 12. Dented bottle: A dented bottle is not considered “damaged” by UPS Ground, Fed Ex Ground & USPS. Even though the bottle maybe dented, there is still “salvage value” and the product can still be sold. Therefore on a dented bottle, we will need a picture of the “dent” to determine an allowance to be given. 13. We strongly suggest that all tanning lotions that are purchased are sold on your premises to your salon customers to avoid any issues with the lotion manufacturers.  Please give us a call @ 800-325-4294 or email us: sales@uslightingcorp.com, with your lamp questions & order.